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Rivan Calderin, aka Rivan C., is a rapper, a singer, a poet, and an activist. Growing up the son of a DJ exposed him to a number of genres of music, all of which play a direct role on his songwriting process and his personal beliefs. Artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, and KRS-One have made a large impact on Rivan’s old school flow and playful lyrics. Consciously driven musicians such as J. Cole and Gil-Scott Heron inspire Rivan to speak to hot-button subjects such as racial inequality and the public education system. Timeless singers like Erykah Badu and Sam Cooke inspire Rivan to incorporate dreamy hooks and choruses into his songs. All of these artists and many, many more inspire Rivan C. to create music that yearns to be heard in today’s day and age.

Rivan C. also works to make a positive change both locally and nationally. In February of 2018, Rivan worked with a number of fellow students to raise the Black Lives Matter flag at their high school. The group of students, known as the Social Justice Union, worked to make Burlington High School the second school in the United States to get the flag raised. Following the nationally recognized achievement, Rivan spoke to a crowd of thousands at the Montpelier State House in Vermont about gun reform, youth empowerment, and the importance of the youth vote as part of the national "March For Our Lives" movement. His musical abilities and activism work go hand in hand to create art that resonates with people of all varying backgrounds and cultures with a shared vision. Rivan will be attending the University of Vermont in the Fall of 2018.